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Whap! is THE destination to make you a Hall of Fame king or queen of videos... and it's only on iOS and Android!

Whap! lets you to post short 1-minute or less videos and submit them to the public Arena. Make your video creative, fun, silly or just plain awesome and watch the votes tally up! Each month, there are two Arena contests with multiple winners in six different categories, as voted by the community. At the end of the Arena contests, when all votes are totaled, if you win, your video will be kept in the Hall of Fame permanently while all other videos are removed from the Whap! public Arena and the contest begins again. Submit as many or few videos as you like then, vote, win, and get prizes.

Contests are available for businesses to offer products, services and discounts! Submit your videos to win exciting prizes from brands you love!

Whap! is your new video arena!

Discover, create your own original videos, vote, win and more!

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